This post doesn't really follow the trend of my others. But it does cover, in some detail, a recent fairly major event in my life. My first surgery. In October 2012 I started to feel some pain in my left leg when sitting. Nothing major, just a fairly dull ache that got worse the longer… Continue reading Microdiscectomy


I'd been back from Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days when I got the call to head back to Bangkok to oversee a TVC shoot (Television Commercial). It was for Baltica7 a Ukrainian beer brand. Mos gave me a lift to the airport on the scooter and I checked in and boarded within and… Continue reading Baltica7

Arriving in Chiang Mai

After leaving Koh Tao we arrived in Bangkok, our last stop before Chiang Mai. I sent out a few emails to companies that I thought might consider employing me. As I was now newly married, unemployed, five thousand miles from home and running very low on funds. We stayed in Bangkok for a week visiting… Continue reading Arriving in Chiang Mai

The Beginning

On the 14 March 2012 I got married on the remote island of Koh Tao, 50 miles East from the coast of Chumphon, Thailand. Having lived and worked on Koh Tao at various points during the last few years, and having met my now wife on the island, it was the perfect location for us… Continue reading The Beginning