Arriving in Chiang Mai

After leaving Koh Tao we arrived in Bangkok, our last stop before Chiang Mai. I sent out a few emails to companies that I thought might consider employing me. As I was now newly married, unemployed, five thousand miles from home and running very low on funds. We stayed in Bangkok for a week visiting friends, planning our future and generally enjoying being a Mr & Mrs.

As we left our hotel in Bangkok to head for the train station, I checked my emails (and Facebook) one last time. I had an email. A company had replied to my offer of work. Not only did they want to talk to me face to face, they were also willing to put us up in a hotel for a week whilst we had these talks. I told my wife we’re not going to Chiang Mai after all, assuming that like most production companies, this one would be in Bangkok. But, after looking over the companies website I found that they are not only one of the two major film production companies in Thailand, they’re also based in Chiang Mai.

A couple of hours later we were on the sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Excited, nervous, scared. My wife and I had always wanted to go to Chiang Mai, since long before we even met each other so this was a dream coming true. And now we had a glimmer of hope for a more permanent stay there. We had decided that we would leave it a week before making any decisions. Hopefully that would give us a chance to let it all sink in.

We arrive in Chiang Mai Railway station at 08:30 after a surprisingly comfortable night on the train. Waiting at the station was one of the two owners of the company waiting to pick us up and take us to our hotel.

On the fairly short drive to our beautiful hotel we discussed how the journey was and the weather… everything but work. Which was nice, as we just wanted to explore the city, mountains, rivers and markets. We agreed to have our first meeting in two days time at the companies office.

Whilst waiting for this first meeting we took the chance to rent a scooter and explore Chiang Mai. By the end of day two we were in love with the area. We had already decided to stay here is my meeting went well. And it did. I’m now producing for the company and freelancing on various projects around Asia as a camera operator. It’s my dream job. Well my second dream job. My actual dream job is a rescue helicopter pilot in the Canadian rockies. Sadly my eyesight and the prerequisite of military flying experience has pissed on that bonfire.

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